X Factor Louis and Simon’s Sulky Sunday

X Factor millionaires Louis and Simon were all over sundays redtops looking limp and sulky. Could it be they’ve heard of Bernhardts refusal to ever perform on X Factor, It Factor or Factory Records?  ” What on earth would we want with the glittering success and  stardom that would inevitably follow from a performance of The Charleston Charlies or The Oscar Bernhardt Ensemble on X Factory? Our mission is to play live wedding music, to create a great party night for people celebrating and to fill the dance floor.”  Below – Bernhardt speeding off to meet cheeky charlie chums Lord Wetherall of Chorlton-cum-Hardy  and Thumper Tompkins, for an afternoon of mirth and music!


About Cheeky Charlie

Band leader of The Charleston Charlies and The Oscar Bernhardt Ensemble. The lighter side of my musical life! Known for aimable buffoonery and always performing with a band of stella jazz musicians. We're only serious about having fun - spreading music and mirth !
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2 Responses to X Factor Louis and Simon’s Sulky Sunday

  1. Barry says:

    I think the camera work is superb. Whoever he is, you’re not paying him enough!

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